Thursday, December 1, 2011

Guess what happened in the past 3 months?

I haven't blogged in a little over three months. You know what exciting stuff has happened with Cleveland sports since then?

Nothing good.

Shocker, I know. Let's see...the Indians finished up their epically awful 2nd half of the season and finished under .500. The Browns are (once again) on pace for a 5-11 season at best. The Cavs will certainly still be one of the worst teams in the NBA once the season finally starts. So in other news, everything's normal in Cleveland.

The Browns have regressed like crazy since last season, which is pretty damn disappointing. Colt McCoy has looked MUCH worse than last year and doesn't look like a long-term answer at QB (another shocker, I know). Joe Haden has been getting burned by far too many WR's to be considered an 'elite' cornerback in the NFL. Pat Shurmur has done a horrible job in his first year as coach.

The Indians have made some minor transactions during the offseason, adding Derek Lowe (yay?), and picking up options on Fausto Carmona/Grady Sizemore. Other than that, they haven't done anything of note. Hopefully they go out and find a 1B and another OF, otherwise there's a few significant holes on this team.

The Cavs should be better than last year (once the season starts), but that's mainly by default considering they only won 19 games last year. I'm looking forward to seeing Kyrie Irving play in a Cavs uniform. Tristian Thompson doesn't excite me at all, so hopefully he proves me wrong.

Sadly, just nothing to really be excited about in Cleveland right now (you know what's coming--shocker, I know), outside of watching Irving play once the season starts at the end of this month. So at least we can look forward to that. And Spring Training is only like three months away.

After all, the Indians are the 'best' team running in Cleveland right now. (Sadly.)

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